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Welcome the Aladdin products using the Starfireonline system. We offer a conversion program to load the Aladdin XML into your data warehouse and a product to create standard Eagle input files to load Aladdin data into Eagle.

Please contact us for more information and details on these products.

Aladdin -> DB

  • Load any Aladdin XML into a Data Warehouse (DW)
  • Push selected data from our DW to your DW
  • DW dynamically changes for new fields
  • Parameter driven to add new XML formats
  • Translation of source data
  • Custom Web control to create ETLs
  •   Aladdin -> Eagle

  • Create standard csv files in Eagles format using Aladdin XML source files
  • Positions, Transactions, Securities, Schedules, Prices, Funds, ...
  • Process control: load Funds, Securities, Reference, Transactions in correct order
  • Logging of each data load
  • Translations of source data into Eagles format